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A new article with Biomedal authors was the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition editor´s choice as the most significant in the February issue

The study “Determination of gluten consumption in celiac disease patients on a gluten-free diet” underlines difficulties in successfully following a gluten-free diet. This publication was selected by the editor of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN), a publication of the American Society for Nutrition.

Nowadays, there is no other treatment for celiac disease (CD) patients rather than a lifelong adherence to a gluten-free diet (GFD). However, excluding gluten of foods is extremely difficult because these proteins are one of the most frequent ingredients in food. For this reason, inadvertent gluten consumption provokes more than 60% of celiac patients continue to suffer from symptoms even on an attempted GFD.

The article “Determination of gluten consumption in celiac disease patients on a gluten-free diet”, selected by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition´s editor in the February issue, is the first study trying to determine the actual amount of gluten eaten by celiac patients while on a GFD. They conducted a meta-analysis on data from previous studies involving measurements of gluten in stool and urine and trials for the investigational drug latiglutenase. Mean daily consumption for adult participants on a gluten-free diet were determined to be between 150 and 400 mg, which is well above the 50mg of gluten per day dose that is considered to be harmful for celiac patients.

According to Dr. Francisco Leon, one of the study authors, the article’s strength is that “it quantifies the amount, and that is extremely valuable not just for patients but also for companies developing medications. Now we know how much gluten we need to counteract”.

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