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Biomedal attended Biospain 2016

Biomedal has presented in Biospain 2016 the study published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology which reveals the level of compliance of the Gluten Free Diet (GFD) among celiac patients. The results of this first clinical trial, conducted by the University of Seville and Biomedal, a Spanish biotechnology company located in Seville, determined that more than 40% of celiac patients fail to adhere to the GFD involuntarily.

BioSpain is the largest international biotech event organized in Spain by the national bioindustry association (Asebio). This year, on its 8th edition, Biospain has embrace the presentation of the new division VYDAL In Vitro Diagnostics, with a new method for gluten detection. The product, iVYLISA GIP Stool, is able to detect directly in stool samples the gluten traces that celiacs ingested in the last 2-7 days. This new test, currently available on the market, will reduce consistently the number of biopsies, which is an advantage for the patient and also for any national health system.

Biomedal Diagnostics’ iVYDAL division has 3 lines of products for the detection of gluten intake through urine and stool samples. Nowadays they are laboratory tests, but Biomedal is developing a self-monitoring test for home use that will allow the patient to self-control the diet.

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