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Tips to avoid gluten at home

Check labels and ingredients

It is very important to read the label and composition written on the packaging before buying and eating a product. It is recommended to verify that the product has the “gluten-free” label or the certification of gluten-free (GF) product. We mustn’t assume that one product has no gluten. For products without any “gluten-free” label, we must read the list of ingredients carefully and if

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7 reasons why celiac patients should check that they strictly follow their Gluten-free Diet

When a patient is diagnosed with celiac disease, he knows it’s time to say goodbye to gluten. There is no other option, since currently the only available treatment of celiac disease is to maintain a gluten-free diet. However, farewells are always difficult, and much more in this case. Nowadays, a significant percentage of celiac patients keep showing symptoms and intestinal damage despite removing gluten from their diet.  All of

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Gluten can be related with neuropathies

gluten neuropathies

The celiac community and most of the population is aware of how gluten affects the digestive system, causing damage in the intestinal wall as well as diarrhea, vomit and abdominal distention. However, there are patients without enteropathy that releave their symptoms when they follow a Gluten Free Diet (GFD). This is because gluten acts as a neurotoxin sometimes,  affecting the nervous system and the brain. Indeed, it has been

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