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Benefits of GFD for celiac patients

The benefits and importance of correctly following a GFD in celiac patientsA strict GFD is currently the only treatment available for celiac patients, and it is also the only way to control symptoms, prevent long-term complications and CD-related diseases, such as osteoporosis, lymphomas, etc. The main benefit of adhering to a strict GFD is the rapid improvement in the patient’s quality of life. Additionally, it is the only way to prevent long-term health complications for the patient7.

Deterioration in the quality of life has been associated with voluntary or involuntary dietary transgressions.

Moreover, correctly following a GFD is the only way to ensure complete recovery of the intestinal mucosa, the villi functionality and subsequently full recovery. This improvement helps patients recover the ability to digest and absorb food. However, complete exclusion of gluten from the diet is difficult because it is one of the most common ingredients in food8 and therefore continuous monitoring is required to ensure proper compliance.