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How to monitor GFD?


Biomedal S.L. has developed a new methodology to directly monitor GFD compliance13.The technique is based on the identification of toxic gluten fractions (gluten immunogenic peptides) that remain resistant to gastrointestinal digestion and are eliminated in stools. This new methodology will directly ensure compliance with the strict diet, and contribute to the recovery of the patient’s quality of life. Moreover, these products help ensure correct diagnosis of refractory celiac disease (RCD), by identifying those patients that do not correctly follow the GFD.

Other GFD monitoring methods are ineffective and present certain disadvantages. They include dietary questionnaires (information is subjective and do not detect accidental gluten ingestion), serological markers (not sensitive10  and may remain negative despite dietary transgressions) and biopsies. Despite being the “gold standard” for GFD monitoring, biopsies are invasive, subjective, highly expensive and very unpleasant for the patient.