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Gluten-free story 4: “Bread is the staff of life”

celiac clinical case

Virginia´s home was a gluten-free one from the kitchen to the roof: with a celiac father and a gluten-free diet instructor mother, Virginia´s experience was a successful story of how a 12 years old girl enjoyed her life without any risks of being contaminated by gluten. Her parents thought so, at least, until the day the stomach symptoms came back.

Virginia would have to get an endoscopy due to the persistence of those symptoms, and she did not like that at all, even when she had been told that would not be painful: “they always say so when it something hurts”, she thought. Afterwards, there were more tests: an hydrogen test revealed that her intestinal flora had suffered an overgrowth which caused the stomach ache. But, why this change on her stomach? Finally, her doctors suggested her to follow a treatment with an antibiotic in order to stop all these problems, but Virginia did not get better.

What else can they do? What other test would clarify the situation? Everything was confusion on her house: also, her father felt worst during that last year due to gluten. They went back and forth constantly and after several unsuccessful tests, Virginia´s family asked a specialist on celiac disease, who had already recommended other patients to take a test which detect gluten on feces.

The analysis showed Virginia was eating gluten but, how could it be? After thinking so long what the origin of her pain was, they suddenly had suspicions: could it be the bread they buy in that little shop next door that has gluten, even if they sold it as gluten-free? That was the only change Virginia and her father have done on their diet last year.

As “bread is the staff of life” they decided tomake bread at home again, as they made it before. Immediately, symptoms disappeared. After some weeks, they repeated the test. Now, the results were all negative: Virginia did not have more traces of gluten in her body…and she did not need any endoscopy again.

NOTE: Gluten-free Stories are based on real medical cases. The names of the patients involve in these stories have been changed to protect  confidentiality.

Scientifics researches have demonstrated that more than 40% of celiac patients fail to adhere to the gluten-free diet. Fortunately, new solutions can be used to control their diets.