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Biomedal CB Coria

This season Biomedal appears as the main sponsor of the basketball team known as CB Coria. The team has incorporated in this new campaign the name of the sponsoring company, Biomedal. From now on called Biomedal CB Coria.

The performance of the masculine team, which competes in the 1st National Division in group A, is fulfilling the expectations, taking a balance of 7 wins and 2 defeats, leading their

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New protocol for the early diagnosis of celiac disease

This new protocol was born with the objective of updating the already published in 2008 to promote, homogenize and approximate to the best scientific knowledge the early diagnosis of celiac disease, because it is estimated that despite advances up to 70% of celiac patients remain still without diagnosis.

Gastroenterologist experts in celiac disease (CD) emphasize that it is a difficult disease to diagnose due to the systemic nature of

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Today is our second day at Biospain, the largest event organized by a national association of bioindustries, in this case, ASEBIO (Spanish Association of Bioindustry). On this occasion, the biannual fair takes place in Seville, city of our headquarters. So we would like to invite you to come and see us at stand 71, where we will be during the whole event.

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