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Research award to a spectacular success story

carolina-sousa-en-revista-sin-glutenThe Celiac and Gluten Sensitive Association from Madrid (Spain) has included on its magazine Sin Gluten Nº2 a report about the research project in the celiac disease. Biomedal collaborate with this research group, headed by Dr. Carolina Sousa, to implement its studies.

Sousa’s group, which belong to the Pharmacy School of the University of Seville, study the basics and applied aspects of the celiac disease and others intestinal pathologies. The group came from the necessity of creating a new research line with a fair utility and which results helped in the creation of new products and services for the celiac community. This idea received the prize from the Association in 2003 and thanks to the funding they started to obtain novel and interesting results.

In this way, the group ends the research work transferring their biotechnological results to Biomedal. The company is developing a new method for gluten detection which is able to detect any accidental gluten trace on the gluten free diet with a simple stool analytic. This test, called iVYLISA, is available on the market for clinical or research use. It will reduce consistently the number of biopsies, which is an advantage for the patient and also for any national health system.

Read the complete report on this link