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  • GlutenDetect is an easy-to-use test for home use in a lateral flow device format, designed to detect GIP in urine and stool samples. Firstly, the sample is collected manually with appropriate devices and then mixed with solutions included in the kit to perform the extraction. In the detection step, the sample reacts with the conjugate antibodies (monoclonal antibodies A1 and G12) that are previously fixed in the strip. Then, the complex moves along the strip by capillary action. A RED line appears in the result window on the strip to indicate a positive result. A negative result will be indicated by no line. A control protein is also present that will bind to immobilized antibodies. A green line will appear so as to indicate correct test performance.

    GlutenDetect Stool is a test for home use that detects gluten in stool samples.

    GlutenDetect Urine is a test for home use that detects gluten in urine samples.

    gluten detection in feces and urine - Biomedal

  • GlutenDetect, from the iVYDAL In Vitro Diagnostics line, is indicated to self monitor the Gluten-free diet and detect the gluten intakes at home. It’s user friendly and quick, as it provides results in less than 15 minutes.

    GlutenDetect Stool and GlutenDetect Urine are test for home use to detect gluten in stool and urine samples respectively.

    Gluten Detection Display - GlutenDetect - Biomedal

  • Reference Product Format
    KT-6355 GlutenDetect Stool Test 2 tests
    KT-6414 GlutenDetect Urine Test 1 tests

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