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Tips to avoid gluten when travelling

  1. Always keep a gluten-free snack handy

When you go out with your friends or when you travel, sometimes it’s difficult to find gluten-free snacks or they may offer you snacks with an unknown composition. That’s why leaving home with a gluten-free snack in your bag is a good idea, so you can have gluten-free products whenever you need.

  1. Don’t be too adventurous with your diet

The best way to avoid involuntary transgressions in the diet is sticking to products and meals that you usually consume, therefore you’ll always be sure you are correctly following your diet. However, you don’t have to flatly refuse to try new products that enrich your gluten-free diet. But, in this situation, you have to avoid experiments and don’t be too adventurous. In case of adding new products to your diet, it’s necessary to be informed about their composition and to confirm they are indeed gluten-free. It’s also important to integrate the products carefully and gradually, little by little. For example, you can try a new product per day o during several days to evaluate how that new product affects you and if it’s really gluten-free. On the contrary, if you consume several new products at the same time and you start feeling bad you won’t be able to know for sure which one is the cause of the negative effects in your organism.

  1. Go to trustworthy restaurants that you already know

You know that, being celiac, eating out and avoiding gluten can become an odyssey. The easiest solution to not consume gluten is going to reliable and trustworthy restaurants, known beforehand. Other option for eating out peacefully is going to restaurants that are exclusively gluten-free. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that restaurants that serve meals with gluten and without gluten are forbidden, as long as you verify that necessary measures are taken to avoid cross-contamination with gluten. To do this, it is recommended to ask the waiter about the meals’ composition and to confirming that they have the adequate installations to prepare gluten-free meals (moreover, you can even ask to visit their kitchen).

  1. Insist to the waiter about your celiac condition

It’s important to emphasize your gluten intolerance and insist to the waiter a lot, who has to be the same one that serves your meal later. This way, the possibility of confusion between meals is reduced.

  1. Check the offer of food for celiacs in your destination

When the time comes to travel, it’s essential to get ready and to research a lot so nothing interferes with your gluten-free diet. Before the trip it is useful to contact the hotel or the place you are staying or even the airline you’re travelling with to confirm if they have gluten-free menus, in case you’re going to eat there.

  1. Stay in apartments with their own kitchen

Other option is to stay in an apartment with its own kitchen, so you can control by yourself the cross-contamination and the preparation of gluten-free meals.  In relation to this, it also can be useful, before travelling, to locate supermarkets close to your accommodation where you can buy gluten-free products.

  1. Investigate the country of destination and check its celiac association website.

If you’re travelling abroad, it’s important to gather as much information as possible, for example, about typical foods in that country, the most extended alimentary habits, if the most consumed products are gluten-free, etc. Other good idea is to make a broad search for restaurants and places where you can consume gluten-free meals and products. One of the best ways to be ready for your travel is to consult the celiac association website of the corresponding country. Besides, nowadays it’s possible to access to websites and online communities in which celiac around the world share their own experiences in restaurants from diverse countries, recommending the most adequate places to maintain a gluten-free diet.

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