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What is GlutenDetect?

Failing to adhere to the gluten-free diet can cause many health issues to the celiac people. That’s why Biomedal has developed an easy-to-use solution which can be used at home and that detects in less than 15 minutes if celiac patients have ingested gluten in their last meals. These are the characteristics:

  • Easy-to-read results similar to a pregnancy test.
  • It isn’t invasive, unlike blood tests o biopsies.
  • It is the first analytical test for gluten detection in stool or urine samples.
  • It is used to self monitor the gluten-free diet and detects gluten intakes.

This technology for gluten detection in stool and urine is currently being used in medical laboratories to control the adherence to the gluten free diet of the celiac patients. It is based on the detection of the gluten fragments that are resistant to gastrointestinal digestion and it has demonstrated to be more reliable than blood tests. GlutenDetect is the home-use version of this technique.



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