Basis of the test

iVYCHECK GIP Stool is an immunochromatographic test designed to detect Gluten Immunogenic Peptides (GIP)  in stool samples. Firstly, gluten must be extracted from the sample, and then proceeding to the detection of GIP by reaction with the conjugated antibodies present in the strip. In the case of GIP in the sample due to gluten consumption, a red line will appear (positive result), while the absence of this line indicates that there is no GIP in the sample and therefore no gluten has been consumed (negative result, within the limit of detection). A green control line will also appear that indicates the test is properly performed. 

Product use

The iVYCHECK GIP Stool kit is especially indicated for:

  • Control of the gluten-free diet for patients with celiac disease, non-celiac patients with gluten-sensitivity or a gluten allergy.
  • Patients with persistent symptoms after following a gluten free diet.
  • During the first months after celiac disease diagnosis to verify good habits.
  • Correct diagnosis of refractory celiac disease and difficult diagnosis cases of celiac disease when a clinical supervision of the diet is required.
  • To prove gluten free diet adherence or gluten challenge intake in clinical trials for new therapies for celiac disease.
  • This technique is for professional use and should be used by doctors, pharmacists or specialists in the field.

Diagnostics parameters

Diagnostic sensitivity: 94.6%


Diagnostic specificity: 100%



Product name Format Reference
iVYCHECK GIP-Stool CE 25 tests KT-5737
iVYCHECK GIP-Stool CE 10 tests KT-6410