Basis of the test

iVYLISA GIP Stool is a quantitative Sandwich ELISA designed to detectandquantify Gluten Immunogenic Peptides (GIP) in stool samples. The capturing and detecting antibody is the G12, which is designed against the 33-mer peptide and which recognizes it and other equivalent immunotoxic peptides 14. These antibodies have shown great sensitivity and specificity when they have been used to certify gluten-free foods in the food industry and therefore have great reliability.

iVYLISA GIP Stool is a direct method, in which the higher the quantity of GIP present in the sample is, the stronger the signal obtained. The Sandwich ELISA assay is commonly used for the analysis of substances in analytical laboratories. This, together with the extremely high specificity and sensitivity, makes it possible for this method to precisely quantify the GIP present in stool samples. Additionally, the method is easily scalable and automatable.

Product use

This iVYLISA GIP Stool kit is especially indicated for:

  • Control of the gluten-free diet for patients with celiac disease, non-celiac patients with gluten-sensitivity or a gluten allergy.
  • Patients with persistent symptoms after following a gluten free diet.
  • During the first months after celiac disease diagnosis to verify good habits.
  • Verify sufficient gluten intake during the diagnosis of celiac disease
  • Verify the adherence to the gluten-free diet in the diagnosis of refractory celiac disease.
  • To prove gluten free diet adherence or gluten challenge intake in clinical trials for new therapies for celiac disease.

This technique is for professional use and should be used in a clinical analysis laboratory or in an authorized place for the performance of diagnostic tests.

Diagnostics parameters

Sensibilidad diagnóstica: 97.1%

Especificidad diagnóstica: 83.3%



Product name Format Referecence
96 wells KT-5739