Swab and Virus Transport Medium Kit 

Product description and content

Disposable virus sampling tubes are intended for the safe collection and transport of potentially infectious clinical samples.

Each sample collection and transport kit consist of a sterile container that contains a swab for sample collection, a transport tube with the medium in which the swab is placed after the sample collection, and a biohazard bag to place the tube during transport.

This product is supplied in various collection and pre-packaged sets. Each sampling tube kit contains the following material:

  • A hermetic sealed tube with 3 ml of medium, screw caped, labelled designed for the transport of clinical samples
  • Medical grade sterile flocked swab with narrow tip for single use of biological sample collection.
  • zip closure bag for the safe transport of the biological sample
Kit de medio de transporte Hisopo y Virus modelo FB

Product maintenance and use

The product must be stored inthe original packaging at a temperature of 2 °C to 25 °C.

1. Take the swab out of the sterile package

Hisopo 02

2. Insert the swab into the tube after collection

Hisopo 03

3. Break the swab by bending it against the wall of the tube

Hisopo 01

4. Place the cap to seal the tube and label it

Once the sample has been collected, the swab must be immediately placed inside the transport tube and taken to the laboratory as soon as possible. Although the medium used in this product can keep the sample up to 72 h at room temperature, it is recommended to refrigerated the samples  at 2-8 °C or kept on ice during the transit.

If the sample is to be processed after 72 hours, the sample should be frozen at –70 °C or colder and transported on dry ice. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles of samples should be avoided.

Reference Description
Conventional Viral Transport Medium in screw-cap tube, with nasopharyngeal swabs. Model FB