CeliacDetect CE

Basis and use of the product

CeliacDetect is a rapid immunochromatographic test for home use that detects the presence of anti-tissue tranglutaminase (anti-tTG) IgA antibodies in blood samples. The kit is intended as an aid in the diagnosis of celiac disease which should be confirmed by a physician.

The kit contains an automatic lancet for comfortable blood sampling from the finger, a bottle with sample dilution solution and a cassette in which the blood sample is added to obtain the results in 10 minutes.

If the sample contains anti-tTG IgA antibodies, a red line will appear (positive result), indicating the possibility of suffering from celiac disease. The absence of this line (negative result), confirms that the blood sample does not contain anti-tTG antibodies within the limits of detection of the kit and, therefore, the possible absence of celiac disease. Additionally, a control line will appear indicating that the test has been properly performed.

CeliacDetect packaging
Product name Format Reference
CeliacDetect CE 1 test KT-6530